Hi, I’m an author/writer and student of user experience/human-centered design. My “real” design “work” is posted at Miss Erika’s Web Works. Check out my books at The Party of Your Life.

I created this blog to store and display my finger drawings. I work on these in the wee hours, usually between 4 and 8 am, when I can’t sleep. During these hours, always under the influence of sleeping pills that aren’t working, I draw little creatures and post them on Facebook. The next day I don’t always remember what I’ve posted.

Sometimes the topics are kind of dark, and sometimes the creatures engage in a bit of debauchery. When I’m drawing I’m so tired and spaced out that all sorts of scenarios cross my mind, many from bad 70s tv shows and movies.  Sometimes I feel a little political. Sometimes I want to see what my friends will respond to. Sometimes I need to comment on a current event or celebrity. Sometimes I’m in a deep PMS funk and hate everybody. Sometimes I don’t know what the story is but I can’t stop drawing. Since I don’t hold back on subject matter, it seemed like a good idea to have separate blogs for my drawings and my coursework since potential clients might see my drawings and think I’m nuts. So, that’s why this blog exists.

Here’s a small sample of my drawings.

Click on first image below to make it larger and to start the slideshow. (See tag cloud to search for more drawings.)


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